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Personal Finance Creators and Their Best & Worst Financial Decisions - Fintorialz

Personal Finance Creators and Their Best & Worst Financial Decisions

Sep 14, 2023

One thing I have learned on my financial independence journey is to always ask questions and seek knowledge. One of the ways I achieve this is through interviewing other financial pages I follow. These are pages whose content I enjoy. Sometime ago, I interviewed few finance pages and asked their worst/best financial decision, and why they embarked on their finance journey. Below are some of their responses.

1) @MoneywithPriscilla on IG is a finance creator who is well versed in Index Funds and Stocks. Below are her responses to our questions.

Why you started Financial independence journey: I want the flexibility that comes with financial independence. Being secure with money opens up so many other opportunities for me to pursue my passions, business ideas, and hobbies.
Worst financial decisions: The worst decision has been student loans. When I was 17/18, I did not understand the full weight of the decisions that I was making regarding loans. As much as I wish I could go back in time and change my decision, I take responsibility for it. I’m grateful to God that I’ve learned from my mistake and have learned so much about how best to tackle debt.
Best financial decisions: Investing early. Investing is a great way to build wealth and I learned a lot about stocks, ETFs, Index Funds. It can seem complicated and overwhelming, but once you get into it, it’s really not as difficult as it seems.
Advice for people just starting on their FI journey: Don’t give up!! Keep pushing through and keep the end goal in mind. You can get there!


2) @FocusedonFire our next creator is a focused group expert. This financial savvy mum wanted ways to make money from home while still caring for her son. She stumbled into focused groups, mastered the craft and is currently excelling in said niche. Here are her responses to our questions

Why you started Financial independence journey: My husband and I want to make sure we have a comfortable retirement and hope to retire early. We also want to create generational wealth for our son.

Worst financial decisions: All my worst financial decisions involved 2 ex boyfriends. The 1st I paid their bills for them on my credit cards and had to take him to small claims court after we broke up to get him to pay me back, and the 2nd I bought a house in my name that I had no way of paying for based on a promise that they would pay the mortgage. I ended up defaulting on all of my credit cards and losing the home to foreclosure. It destroyed my credit.

Best financial decisions: Marrying someone who had the same financial goals as me and who was smart with their money. And joining the FI community on IG. I’ve learned so much.

Advice for people just starting on their FI journey: Be smart with your money, invest in index, funds consistently, and don’t be so obsessed with financial independence that you don’t have fun now. Find a healthy balance.

3) Our next creator @omgjustbudget gives us a daily insight to her financial life on Instagram. Below are her thought on finances

Why you started Financial independence journey: I started my financial independence journey because I was tired of constantly finding myself in the same cycle, I found myself saying “I’m broke” and struggling more than I’d like.

Worst financial decisions: My worst financial decision has got to be carrying my (now ex) significant other. I have always been very motivated to make money while he was not, which often ended in me being “assed out” with no one to fall back on. It’s hard trying to save when you have someone constantly touching the money.

Best financial decisions: My best financial decision, leaving that relationship, holding myself accountable and joining this community.

Advice for people just starting on their FI journey: Don’t beat yourself up if you fall short. We all do! It’s up to you to pick yourself back up, but on your time—no one else’s!


4) @Mrsdreamersfinance also gave us her thoughts on finances and advice for those getting into financial independence journey.

Why you started Financial independence journey: The reason I embarked on the Financial Independence journey is because being financially independent means experiencing a continuous flow of income from different sources, enabling me (with my hubby) to enjoy greater time freedom. That would also allow me to focus on my personal projects. My goal is to have the flexibility to manage my time according to my own preferences, free from the constraints of a regular job. While I may still consider traditional employment, I would want to have the guts to just walk away if it no longer aligns with my values, without being tied to it solely for financial obligations. Imagine the joy of waking up whenever I please and embarking on adventures without fretting over PTO approvals or financial constraints. Also, achieving financial independence would liberate me from living paycheck to paycheck, providing a sense of security, peace of mind and being able to give back and spoil my parents, family and future kids.

Worst financial decisions: I wouldn’t say going to college was the absolute worst financial choice I made, but one of my regrets is that I went to college. It might sound strange, but I know many people who didn’t go to college and still have good jobs. Looking back, I wish I had been smarter with my money or considered working while in college to help pay for my education instead of relying solely on my parents’ finances. If I could go back in time, I would definitely be okay with getting a job to support my education.

Best Financial Decision: The best financial decision we made was buying our house, especially considering the high housing market prices now. It’s great because our monthly mortgage payments are almost the same as what we used to pay for rent and is considered an asset.

Advice for people just starting on their FI journey: My advice for those beginning their financial independence journey is to connect with people or join communities like ours. These places offer tips, inspiration, and resources without restricting access, making the journey much easier. Don’t feel ashamed to explore different side hustles to increase your income streams. Sometimes, managing money alone isn’t enough, especially if your paycheck only covers your monthly expenses. Work on improving your relationship with money and stay focused on your goals.


5) @Myfirebook continuously shares about her career growth, and the differences working in her career and her partners. She had good suggestions for those getting into finances, and shared her thoughts below.

Why you started Financial independence journey: I want to have the time and energy to spend time with my loved ones and to pursue my hobbies. I’d like the option to do what I want with my life. I don’t want to have to tie myself down to something that I’m not truly passionate about.
Worst financial decisions: Keeping the down payment for my house in the stock market until right before closing. From the time I was under contract to when I actually closed, my stocks dropped 20-25% (March 2020). I’ve never experienced such a downturn in the market personally, so I had no idea it would crash like that in the span of weeks.
Best financial decisions: I work in finance, so maintaining my own portfolio of assets quickly became an interest of mine. Also, living with parents straight out of university – that was a huge help and I’m grateful.
Advice for people just starting on their FI journey: Be consistent. Create a plan. Have a goal and stick to it.

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